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Hi! I'm Jesse.

Enthusiastic and creative Product Designer with over 15 years of creating memorable user experiences. Highly adept in delivering Design Strategy that focuses on successful outcomes. Outstanding time management, organizational and communication skills. I LOVE solving very complex problems.

Visual Design
Interaction Design
Design Strategy
Prototype Development
  • Multidisciplinary UX designer with 18yrs+ conceptualizing, building and delivering interactive experiences across multiple interactive channels + input models.
    Lean UX process delivery and streamlined workflow
    I communicate very well. I've worked on both sides of the product life-cycle. I mitigate communication gaps within any product team workflow.
    Disambiguate ‘fuzzy’ direction
    I'm comfortable breaking down a complex problem into executable solutions.
    Sketch/Photoshop; FramerJS/Principle; Zeplin/InVision; Git/NPM/Gulp; Webstorm/Pinegrow/Atom; Balsamiq/Keynote; HTML/CSS/JS
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Design Process Deliverables

A few choice portfolio project pieces that are commensurate with my capabilities.

E-Commerce: eBay®
Web Product Re-design IA/IxD

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How can eBay® create an automated approach to presenting the verticals experience, giving our users breadth of selection similar to Amazon® while still giving the highly branded and curated feel similar to Gilt®?

UX Design Toolkit: MS - Bing®
Global Design Guidelines

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• Allows for shared understanding of a design and instills front end development best practices • Allows re-use of assets in the application • Allows the designers and developers to standardize a consistent set of patterns throughout the application … • Supports the growth of the product over time

E-Commerce: eBay®
Mobile Product Design

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Seamlessly extend the eBay® visual identity and to appeal to an aspirational teen audience (a 17 year-old’s aesthetic). Extend the eBay® brand as a learning and earning platform. 

Enterprise Dashboard: Turner®
Cloud-based Web Application

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Managing hundreds of live (24/7) broadcast content channels--across multiple popular devices. Customizable high profile customer portfolio monitoring, rapid trouble-shooting and reporting tool.

E-Commerce: eBay Now®
Mobile product design

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A new same-day shipping service called eBay Now®. An iOS app, eBay Now’s beta will let SF residents get $5 same-day shipping on products from local stores. It’s now signing up users for an “exclusive beta”.

UX Design Prototyping: eBay®
Cross-organizational Design Lifecycle Process

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• Basic design validation • Early UER testing • Higher confidence UER results • Removing risk • Enabling bigger bets • More accurate prediction of business results

E-Commerce: eBay®
Product Concept Storyboarding

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At eBay®, we strive to connect people world-wide to buy or sell anything. We’d now like to extend the same opportunities to teens and younger audiences with a “Student Account” that is safe, secure, and managed with help from parents.